WELCOME from the


I am honoured to serve as the Acting Chair of Governors at Eden Boys’ Leadership Academy, Birmingham East, where we are committed to building on the strong foundations of our outstanding sister school – Eden Boys’ School, Birmingham – to deliver an enriching and transformative educational experience for our pupils.

The schools will work in close collaboration to ensure that boys in our local community – regardless of their starting points – have access to high quality teaching, enriching learning opportunities and an inspirational leadership programme, all of which encourage our pupils to discover their individual talents and achieve positive outcomes. We ensure that the Academy’s STAR values – Service, Teamwork, Ambition and Respect – equip our pupils with the skills they need to play a productive part in the local community and beyond, and we engage in a wide range of civic and community projects to teach pupils about the importance of making a difference.

Working with the Board of Trustees and Star Academies, the Local Governing Body oversees the Academy’s performance in many key areas. We carefully monitor the standard of the Academy’s educational and pastoral provision and ensure that every decision the Senior Leadership Team makes – strategic, operational and financial – is in pupils’ best interests and grounded in our mission of educational excellence, character development and service to communities. We provide ongoing support to the Academy and act as a “critical friend,” ensuring that the Academy is fully compliant with its legal and financial responsibilities. We also hold the Academy to account for pupils’ safety, ensuring that robust safeguarding arrangements and enhanced pastoral support are in place to create a warm and inclusive environment where pupils feel safe, happy and well.

We are committed to forming collaborative relationships with parents and the local community to ensure that Eden Boys’ Leadership Academy, Birmingham East delivers a memorable and multi-faceted educational experience for our pupils and I have no doubt that the combined experience, skills and knowledge of the school’s leadership team, staff and governing body will ensure that – together – we achieve our vision of Nurturing Today’s Young People, Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders.

Shirley Gornall

Acting Chair of Governors